The following videos were produced by Gwion, who has beens a visitor to our site and to many others around the country over several years . He has a YouTube channel under Meengineer100 at which is well worth a visit if you enjoy videos of steam locomotives large and small.


Hope you guys enjoy. I am not a member of the NWMES just a visitor who has an interest in the miniature railway and trains. Any questions, I will try my best to answer them at my meengineer100 channel on

Locos featured in this video : GWR 7800 ‘Torquay Manor’ and ‘St Tudno’ (not quite sure what it is but it’s similar to a Clayton).


Here we see some footage of the NWMES’s track at West Shore, Llandudno. Running that day was: 0-4-2ST Sweet Pee ‘Tal-y-Fan’, Bo-Bo Diesel Outline ‘St Tudno’, and earlier that day was a 4-6-2 ‘Britannia’ class.



This was the NWMES’s first official day back running in 2018 and I went over to visit and see if there was anything interesting running. There was, and here is my short footage of the time I was there. The first clip shows the club members trying to build more pressure up on Sweet Pea ‘Tal y Fan’ which was having problems raising enough to get around the circuit. Also running was a model of a class 37, in the BR Railfreight livery, ‘Llandudno’ which I got a ride on just before the batteries got flat. We see them taking the loco over to the steaming bay and using the traverser to exchange with Clayton lookalike ‘St Tudno’. Locos featured: Sweet Pea 0-4-2ST ‘Tal y Fan’, Class 37 ‘Llandudno’, Clayton (class 17) lookalike ‘St Tudno’, A bit more about the railway: The West Shore Miniature Railway is a 5″/3.5″ gauge circuit situated at West Shore, Llandudno, and is operated by the NWMES (North Wales Model Engineering Society). They usually operate on weekends and bank holidays in the Spring and Summer terms.



Here we see my footage of Easter Monday (22/04/2019) at the NWMES’s West Shore Miniature Railway. We arrive in time to see the first locos steaming and later see a beautiful 5″ gauge model of a BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T arrive and steam up. Also, we take a trip around the railway behind the 3 1/2″ gauge model of a Stanier Mogul built in 1950, another beauty. Listen to her working had on the many gradients! Locos: 2-6-0 Stanier Mogul, 0-4-2ST Sweet Pea ‘Tal y Fan’, 2-6-4T Standard 4MT numbered 80079, The club’s 37 ‘Llandudno’ and class 17 Clayton lookalike ‘St Tudno’ battery locomotives were also in action. Also seen around the steaming bay is a beautiful 3 1/2″ gauge 4-4-2 Ivatt Atlantic and a Bo-Bo battery locomotive. Thanks to the kind members of the society for allowing me access to film in the steaming bay.



West Shore Miniature Railway, North Wales.