Orenstein & Koppel 0-6-0 ‘Polly Suzanne’ Kit Build by Ray Wilton

Well everything else to finish off needs painting but did manage to get the cab fitted, the windows installed and the whistle plumbed in today.  Note to self, get a dust sheet.

Well, that’s that job done, all finished. Just need to get to the club track at West Shore to run it now when Covid regulations allow.

Just noticed there’s no chain for the whistle. Oh well, that will go on the next order. And the Name Plates are in progress (I hope).

Update: These turned up in the post this week courtesy of one of our members. They have a nice chunky industrial look about them just right for a Quarry Loco.

Name Plates attached.

Having researched the timing of this particular design i’ve found that getting the timing perfect for both forward and reverse is impossible. So it can be set up for a slightly compromised forward/reverse setting or a good forward and not quite so good reverse. I chose the latter as most of the running at West Shore is forwards. The lubrication is mechanical, although I swapped the ratchet pump for one that uses a slipping clutch system. Also added a drip feed onto the axel pump ram and eccentric as it’s impossible to oil from above.

So thats it all finished with just some final running adjustments. Thanks for reading and for joining me on my journey through the build.